How Do I Choose A Walkie Talkie Earpiece?

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How Do I Choose A Walkie Talkie Earpiece?

六月 21, 2016

First of all, when choosing a walkie talkie headset, it is important to make sure which connector to go with your device. For example, the one below is for Kenwood 2 pin (PK01 connector)- also compatible with two way radio Baofeng, Quansheng, TYT which you can refer to our connector chart

It’s also essential to understand the situation you’ll use in. Say for using in aviation, you may need to consider a headset with noise-cancelling function; while use in kids’ walkie talkie, it’s certainly not necessary to waste money in purchasing advanced earphones of high technology.

Then you can choose what styles of the earpiece you’d like, covert acoustic tube earkit? Or earhook style? In ear style?

There are also earpiece cable style you can choose: straight or coiled cord, braided or non-braided cord, etc.

Walkie talkies are often operated by pressing a button with your hand, which detracts from the hands-free features of walkie talkie headsets. Regarding to the Push to Talk button, we also have various sizes/shapes which you can see at the bottom of our website- PTT BUTTON OPTIONS

The appearance of a walkie talkie headphone may look exactly the same, yet the quality of its microphone, cable or other parts may vary a lot. However good the quality some headsets are, they can be still broken to use on high power walkie talkies if they are made to use only on small power walkie talkies.


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